"It's awesome to know you have a place to call 'home' in college. The community we've all built is amazing!"
Metro Graduate


  • US Department of Education, Strengthening Institutions Program (SIP)
  • Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education (FIPSE), US Department of Education, 2007-2010; dissemination grant 2011-2013
  • CSU Chancellor’s Office (Compass II)
  • Marcled Foundation
  • The James Irvine Foundation
  • Mimi and Peter Haas Fund
  • The Alexander M. and June L. Maisin Foundation
  • Connect to Learning, a FIPSE-funded project

Ongoing in-kind support from:

  • San Francisco State University
  • City College of San Francisco


Our Research

The Metro Academy of Health at SF State is our most mature program. Metro helps students build momentum because 100% of core classes satisfy graduation requirements for associate's and bachelor's degrees—regardless of whether classes are taken at a community college or university. Metro puts students on a clear, fast track to graduation and success.
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