"It's awesome to know you have a place to call 'home' in college. The community we've all built is amazing!"
Metro Graduate

Mission and Vision

Metro Academies’ mission is to increase equity in college completion through engaging, supportive, rigorous, and socially relevant education.


Operationally Defining our Mission


Increase Equity Metro’s outreach emphasizes students who are first-generation, low-income and under-represented.


Engaging We commit to developing courses that are student-centered, experiential, and interactive, with content that is relevant to urban realities.


Supportive Faculty and staff develop personal connections with students and strive to understand students in the context of their lives overall.  We insure that all students have an educational plan and strong access to academic counseling.


The Metro faculty learning community is a source of dialog and support for instructors.


Rigorous Faculty and staff hold high expectations of Metro students and ourselves.  Our curriculum is based on a matrix of well-defined competencies and proficiency indicators.  We use data to assess our impact on student learning and academic progress in order to continuously improve the program.


Socially Relevant We engage in a critical analysis of complex social problems, striving to understand the institutions and structures that shape our daily lives. We make lived experiences central to our teaching and teach content that is meaningful to our students.


Our Research

The Metro Academy of Health at SF State is our most mature program. Metro helps students build momentum because 100% of core classes satisfy graduation requirements for associate's and bachelor's degrees—regardless of whether classes are taken at a community college or university. Metro puts students on a clear, fast track to graduation and success.
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