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Evaluation of Student Outcomes

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         This report summarizes the results of a comparison-group study of student outcomes associated with the Metro Academy of Health (Metro Health), a four-semester college-completion initiative for students at San Francisco State University (SF State). This study was conducted with the second cohort of participating students, who entered Metro Health at SF State in fall 2009 and spring 2010. We highlight this quasi-experimental study focusing on a subset of students participating in Metro Health because it meets typical standards for “moderate evidence” of program effectiveness. We also note that it was but one component of a larger set of evaluation activities concerning Metro Health conducted between 2007 and 2010. These broader evaluation activities, not discussed in this report, included in-depth implementation research concerning both student and faculty experience of the program over time.


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The Metro Academy of Health at SF State is our most mature program. Metro helps students build momentum because 100% of core classes satisfy graduation requirements for associate's and bachelor's degrees—regardless of whether classes are taken at a community college or university. Metro puts students on a clear, fast track to graduation and success.
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