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Cost Efficiency

A cost-efficiency study carried out by a collaboration between the Metro Academies Initiative and Dr. Robert Johnstone of the RP Group and the National Center for Inquiry and Improvement shows that Metro Academies lowers an institution’s cost per graduate.


Full report available here: Metro Academies Cost Study 2013


Supplemental materials showing incremental costs and cost per graduate here: Supplemental Materials


Metro Academies cost per graduate:

Metro Academies reduced SF State's cost per graduate by $17,879 and City College of San Francisco's cost per graduate by $22,714.









Comparison Group

The comparison group at SF State was all full-time freshmen. At City College, the comparison group was created by matching on several key variables, including ethnicity, income, placement level, transfer units enrolled in and completed, sought counseling in the first semester, enrolled in a Health Education class, and English as a second language (ESL) status.


How does Metro reduce costs?


Metro students strongly outperform their more advantaged peers in graduation rates and time to degree, despite the fact that most initially place at “double remedial” in English and math. Metro sharply reduces attrition and excess units. Once these hidden costs are factored in, it becomes clear that Metro is substantially less expensive per graduate than current practice.

Almost 40% of underrepresented students in the California State University system do not make it to their junior year.

Of the community college students who transfer and graduate from a CSU, the average student takes 42 excess units.

Our Research

The Metro Academy of Health at SF State is our most mature program. Metro helps students build momentum because 100% of core classes satisfy graduation requirements for associate's and bachelor's degrees—regardless of whether classes are taken at a community college or university. Metro puts students on a clear, fast track to graduation and success.
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