"It's awesome to know you have a place to call 'home' in college. The community we've all built is amazing!"
Metro Graduate

Program Overview

Faculty Learning Communities


The goals of faculty learning communities are as follows:

1)    Offer space for structured professional development for faculty in all Metro Academies


2)    Improve instructors’ ability to create socially relevant curriculum by developing lesson plans, writing assignments and classroom activities in community


3)    Increase faculty collaboration across the disciplines


4)    Encourage reflection about teaching pedagogy, general education competencies and ways to interconnect learning across disciplines and campuses


5)    Influence teaching practice within faculty home departments through sharing of best practices.


Faculty learning communities provide professional development opportunities and teaching support for Metro faculty through:


  • Critical pedagogy activities and discussions around how to make curriculum relevant for students
  • Readings and conversations about education equity
  • Curriculum integration and infusion work between instructors who teach paired classes
  • Direct instruction around best practices in teaching pedagogy
  • Community sharing around strategies that work in the classroom
  • Discussions around student successes and concerns
  • Community building and sharing among colleagues dedicated to excellent teaching

Our Research

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